10 Amazing apps which are built with Flutter Framework

Flutter is defined as an open-source UI software development kit that was created by Google. It was launched in May 2017. With only one codebase, it allows you to create a native mobile app. This simply means that developers can use one codebase and one programming language to create two different apps. This compels the use of Google Flutter in many applications.

Earlier it was known as “Sky” when it was developed in the year 2015. Along with the cross-platform, it also serves as the primary platform for Fuchsia (a new Google OS which is expected to be replaced with Android).

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Flutter gains its popularity in the market quickly. The main reason behind this scenario is it’s easy to use SDK (Software Development Kit). This kit enhances app development and helps developers to create an app for Android and iOS. Here we will discuss some of the popular flutter apps.

Top 10 Flutter apps examples that are most popular:

The feature-rich and novel SDK of Flutter has been used in developing many modern apps like Xianyu by Alibaba and Hamilton. It opens an easy path for the mobile app development process.

1 KlasterMe:

This social networking application is a very useful app for content sharing. It makes the posting easy and helps in developing attractive designs.

This application is very useful for bloggers and other professionals. It’s a content-sharing site in which people can build their pages and add images, essays and blogs. The interfaces of KlasterMe use the content from other KlasterMeer. Overall, one can easily create an attractive design and simplify the posting process.

2 Google Ads:

The main purpose of this application is to manage Google Ad campaigns with the help of a smartphone. One can easily track the ad output from any location.

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Along with campaign statistics, updating bids and budget in real-time, keyword editing, live alerts are included in this application. Even one can contact a Google expert with the help of this application.

3 Cryptograph:

This application gives out top-notch output in tracking and monitoring the latest information on over 1600 cryptocurrencies worldwide. Moreover, Flutter based Cryptography smartphone app also offers real-time information in the form of exchange rate maps. The software display also allows you to pick and add coins to the favourites for fast monitoring.

4 Hamilton:

One of the most popular and award-winning Broadway musicals, Hamilton has also adopted the Flutter framework. The application is mainly dedicated to the brand’s massive group of fans to keep them updated on all the music news.

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Its Karaoke function is useful for those who want to sing along with their favourite songs. Additionally, it also includes a regular quiz game, Hamilton lottery games and exclusive slideshows and videos. The UI is also an excellent one on both platforms.

5 Watermaniac:

This is a water monitoring application that is made by the Flutter framework. The consumer can easily track the frequent water consumption. There are three main ways that users could use the functionality in this application. Here the user may create recurring targets, usage history tracking and get necessary reminders for the next consumption too. Along with water consumption tracking, it is also useful to maintain an optimal health balance.

6 Pairing:

Pairing is another flutter based application example that is based on the flutter. Dating with this application is quite interesting as matches and links are made by real-world communities of the users.

Developing apps with flutter is quite efficient. You might need many interactions with both operating systems. One can create optimized applications using the same resource code for both platforms. The instant run feature of Flutter is also an advantage for the application.

7 Hookle (Social)

Another Flutter based social app is Hookle that allows users to share the post, manage multiple social media accounts in one place and monitor the social activity. One can easily compose and publish the posts to multiple social media channels. It also enables the user to customize the post at any social media channel.

8 Reflectly

This is a journal and mindfulness application that is operated by Artificial Intelligence. Using this app, users can create stories in their journals and also offer a new set of questions every day. One can save the mood or the words on how you are feeling every day. It is a mood tracker application that offers personalized motivation.

9 Birch Finance

It is a credit card reward application with the help of which the user could easily manage and optimize the existing card. The user could also find the best card for them. It also shows which card is in the wallet. With the help of this application one can see the real value of the reward and also predict the better way of spending.

10 Lunching:

Lunching in a smartphone application enables working persons to enjoy their lunch easily. With this app, employees can order any item from any restaurant for their lunch in the office. It is made with Flutter to give an improved experience to the user. The payment method of this application is quite simple. One can make payment in bulk or it can be made in smaller instalments. This application helps avail the tasty meal from the nearby restaurant with free delivery.

Last word:

Flutter is a very helpful platform that helps in developing an app with less coding. It is on the mass adoption in the market as most of the professionals avail its features. Most of the professionals are showing interest in this platform to reduce effort and time. Talking about the future, it might capture a good market.

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