A Complete Guide to Web Development in Python

A Complete Guide to Python Web Development — Latitude Technolabs

For years, Python gained popularity, and now it is a widely-used programming language. Python beat java in terms of popularity, and it is famous for its library, ease to learn, easy-to-read codes, and portability. Python is used widely for web development, data analysis, and machine learning.

Python was founded in February 1991, about thirty years ago. It slowly became a popular language because of its great benefits to web development and other apps. The current stable version is 3.9.2.

What is web development?

Web development is building and maintaining websites. On the other hand, web development also involves building the front end, backend with lots of codes that interact with the database. For web development, a programming language and a framework are necessary to build a website like a python language that we are using in this article to build a website.

Web development skills are in high demand in the world, and it pays well. You can hire a dedicated developer for web development. This field has two subfields: The frontend and backend.

How is Python used in Web Development?

For web development, python frameworks used to develop the backend and frontend. There are lots of frameworks described below. Python is a programming language, and it has frameworks that we can use for different capabilities. It has large libraries to help faster coding and make flexible web development. If you want to develop a web app, you can hire a dedicated developer to make things easy for you.

Python Frameworks for Web Development

Python framework is a collection of modules and packages. The collection of packages is made of pre-written code that helps in web devolvement. It makes web development faster and easier. In short, frameworks already have an in-built component to set up your project, so you have to work less. You can hire dedicated developers to make things easy.

There are three types of python frameworks:



and asynchronous frameworks.

Here is the list of some best python frameworks.


AIOHTTP is a python framework, and It uses Python 3.5+ features such as async and awaits. It is used for backend development and also for the front end.

Key features

· Pluggable routing

· Supports both clients and server WebSockets without callback hell

· Effectively builds views

2. Bottle

It is a micro framework. It creates a single file source for every application developed by it, and It has no dependencies required for small web applications. The best advantage of “bottle” is that developers can work very closely with the hardware. It is suitable for learning the overall organization of the web framework.

- Key features

· It supports 3rd party template engines adapters

· It also supports WSGI/HTTP servers adapters

· It has a built-in HTTP server

· It supports plugin for various databases


It’s a popular open-source framework for Python. It is a very minimalistic framework. Any of the apps made by CherryPy has its own multi-threaded server and can run on any operating system. So, this app can run anywhere where Python can run. Apache server not needed for running apps developed by CherryPy.

- Key Features

· It can run on android

· It has a mighty configuration system

· Can run multiple HTTP servers at the same time with ease

· It has a flexible built-in system.

· It has some unique tools for caching, authentication, encoding, sessions, and lots of other

· It supports profiling and testing.

4. CubicWeb

It is a full-stack framework. It is open source and free to use. CubicWeb uses a cube. Multiple cubes join together to make an instance with the support of a web server, database, and some config. Files.

Key features

· It supports multiple databases

· It is possible to reuse components

· It makes it easy for related data queries with relational query language embedding

· It supports OWL (Web Ontology Language) and RDF (Resource Description Framework)

5. Dash

It is a microframework and open-source framework used to build analytical web apps. It is the top choice of the data scientist. Dash apps can be loaded to the servers, and they are mobile-friendly and cross-platform.

- Key features

· It needs less coding to get started

· It supports Error handling

· It supports Plugin

· Dash has LDAP integration

· Dash has a straightforward interface for UI controls, Graphs, and sliders

· Dash supports high-quality customization

6. Django

Django is the full-stack framework and most liked framework for web development. It is open-source and free to use. It has lots of built-in features. Django supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, and Oracle databases.

- Key features

· Supports URL routing

· Supports authentication

· It has a template engine

· Django supports database schema migration

· It has ready to use libraries

Why Is Python the Best Choice for Web Development?

Python is popular among developers for web development, but why do developers choose Python?

Here is the list of python advantages for web development.

Easy to learn

Python is a widely-used programming language, and it’s the first choice for beginners. Python allows writing less code compared to other programming languages. Python is comparably easy to learn because it has easy to understand language, so it is easy to use it every day for programming.

Rich libraries and efficient

It has an extensive library that has ready-made components to use directly. So it saves time while developing a web app. So, you have to drag and drop the pre-written elements. It speeds up development time. For example, Django and Flask. Pygal for charting, pandas for mathematical analysis.

Fast development

As previously said, you have to write less code compared to other programming languages like Java and C++. Python has libraries that help in faster development. It saves time by adding premade components to development. Python has an extensive library where you can get some ready-made components.

Popular and regular updates

Python is widely used and popular among all developers. It has a large community of individual developers who support each other in various errors and problems. Python regularly updates its library and features. That’s why it’s a popular programming language and used for web development.

Most Popular Web Apps Developed Using Python

Python is a broad-spread language, and nearly every developer uses it. Python is famous for its library and easy to learn code capability. That’s why it is used by large companies too. Here is the list of most popular web apps built using Python.

- Instagram: The world’s biggest photo-sharing app uses Python in its backend.

- Spotify: The famous online music listening app built using Python.

- Google: The widely used search engine, Google was started using Python initially.

- Netflix: Netflix is using Python for lower line development purposes.

- Uber: Engineers write in Python at uber, and also, they use other languages.

- Dropbox: They use Python because the maker of Python employed in it.

- Pinterest: They are using Python and Django for the app layer.

- Reddit: Reddit uses Python for easily readable codes and libraries.


Web development using Python is comparably more manageable than other languages. Python is very easy to understand and a faster coding language. Corporate use it for easy-to-write and easy-to-read codes. The main thing to choose Python is the extensive library. In short, it speeds up the web development process. If you are still confused about web development, you can contact us and hire a dedicated developer. We at Latitude Technolabs are the expert team that is professional in web development.

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