Building Great User Experiences with Concurrent Mode and Suspense

The react.JS is known for the great experience of every developer when they are working on very large-scale front-end applications. Since react.js launched, the main focus is on the user experience in very large-scale applications. But, after the release of suspense, the team of react core, were focused on developing the best user experience so it needs to rethink, reproach loading code and data.

What is the concurrent mode?

Concurrent mode allows applications to render the main thread and also other threads at the same time. This will allow a smooth, responsive, and error-free transition while the page loads. This mode also checks networks speed, layout, and device in use and it also resolves common issues like block rendering. Using this mode, you can render threads at the same time as the main thread so there is no delay.

What is suspense?

Suspense allows developers to split the code based on components. Suspense gives developers a detailed API to handle the user interface while the code is loaded. It will show the visual sequence of the app but will not show how data is fetched. In short, it is not like network loading but it shows developers the loading states in UI.

Data fetching (use suspense)

The fetching will only be done after it is rendered so it can or it may lead to a tiny issue. The developers have to wait for seconds during the process to fetch data instead of having two processes run at the same time.

First render, then fetch( Use suspense)

The suspense has an advantage in improving performance and User experience. With increasing data, react will keep trying to render. This processor is always in run mode, with no other components to wait for. So in sum, the system will run more effectively.

Improvement in user experience

The team of React is highly focused on developer experience with good errors, focusing and rethinking of an app locally, temporary crafting apps for predicting and improving usage by design. But for larger apps, guidance is not provided to developers to achieve a great user experience. The team is focused on the performance and tools for developers to tune apps but not for high-level patterns for fluid performance and slow ones. The react is concurrent in the way that it is reachable easily for new users and supports various uses.

So user experience can be improved with react suspense and concurrent mode with above-stated advantages with performance improvements In developing process.

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