Everything you need to know about New Flutter 2.0

Google just released flutter 2.0 with lots of new features. Flutter has extended its mobile app development services to various platforms like mac, windows, Linux, and other embedded devices.

Now, developers can use Flutter for web app development. It is excellent for the web development company because it increases its business in web development and mobile app development.

Before knowing about the new features of Flutter, let’s learn about what Flutter is quick.

What is Flutter?

Google created Flutter to develop multi-platform applications like Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, and Mac. The benefit of Flutter is a single code that can be used to build multiple platform apps. Flutter is free to use and open-source software. The initial version of Flutter was released in 2017, and flutter 2.0 was released on March 3, 2021, with a great new feature.

Why is Flutter more helpful software?

Flutter is a popular software vastly used for cross-platform app development, and other great benefits are listed below.

  • High productivity: Flutter is a cross-platform app development software. The main benefit of the Flutter is you can use the same code base for Android and iOS apps. It will save time and cost.
  • Fast and straightforward development: Flutter has a “hot reload” feature that allows viewing changes instantly in emulators, simulators, and hardware. It will not need any restart. The changed code will reload within seconds.
  • Fewer compatibility issues: Widget is built-in, so there are fewer compatibility issues; thus, you will spend less time testing the app.
  • Open source: The main benefit is it is free to use, and it provides documentation support. The community support is also great so that you can recover from any issues sooner.

Now you got an idea about why Flutter used and its benefits, but now it’s time to look for what’s new in flutter 2.0? Let’s look into it.

What’s new in Flutter 2.0?

Here is the list view of main points that are new in flutter 2.0:

  • Web
  • Sound Null Safety
  • Desktop
  • Google Mobile ads
  • Platform adaptive apps
  • New iOS feature
  • Scaffold Messenger and AutoComplete
  • FlutterDevTool
  • Multiple Flutter instances

Now, let’s talk about the new features in detail.

  • Web

In Flutter’s most exciting stable release, the primary and essential part is Flutter’s web support. By pushing this web support platform, will increase the usability of the code to the next level. This release is essential because Flutter has changed its approach from document-centric to app-centric. This release now concentrates more on apps. Now, the web is an extra option for flutter developers to build apps.

Now, Flutter is capable of building interactive web applications. Flutter has updated APIs for developing elastic and interactive 2D and 3D graphics. It will cause a significant step-in in the market of animations too.

Flutter 2.0 has a new Link widget feature that supports developers to provide a web app-like feel in a browser.

  • Sound Null Safety

Sound null safety will help developers to prevent error crashes during development. Sound null safety allows developers to identify between non-nullable and nullable errors.

  • Desktop

Like the web, Flutter also started supporting desktop apps. It will help developers to get a native-like experience. This experience also provides some excellent and needed features like accurate mouse dragging, built-in context menu, and text selection pivot point.

The latest version also offers developers to move items effortlessly in the “reorderableListView” widget. Again, this will enable developers to stop “keyboard events” after they have started.

In the latest update, there is an updated widget that offers great instructiveness in the desktop app. There is more. Desktop-flutter apps provide page up and down tracks. Also, it provides mouse hovers in the scroll bar. The new Scrollbar Themes calls helps developers to customize the app according to their liking.

Now, the flutter support community is getting bigger. You can get the support of Flutter to relate things like text editing in native-like, accessibility support, and native top-level menus.

  • Google Mobile Ads

Flutter’s new version now comes with Google Mobile Ads SDK beta to help developers include native ads and inline banners. It will support existing overlay formats. Admob and ad manager will help developers here to customize advertisements.

  • Platform adaptive apps

We all know that Flutter now supports all platforms, but a question will come to your mind about screen size. Developers will have questions about how to write an application to develop an all-screen ready app? Now here comes the use of platform adaptive apps.

Platform adaptive apps are those apps that adapt all screen sizes like small, medium, and large. Not only screen size but different input methods like keyboard, touch, and mouse.

  • Latest iOS features

The flutter 2.0 version is now making more robust support for iOS. Flutter 2.0 now comes with 17039 Prs. The stare restoration will be provided to iOS by 23495, without opening XCode, 67781 helps developers build IPA.

There are more, 69809 make changes to the CocoaPods version to match with tooling. The new implementation of the language is also made with the latest iOS widgets Cupertino design.

  • CupertinoserachTextField facilities iOS search bar UI.
  • CupertinoFormRow, Cupertino Form Section and Cupertino Text Form Field Row widgets help to generate visuals in iOS.
  • Autocomplete and Scaffold Messenger

There are two new widgets in flutter update: Autocomplete and Scaffold Messenger.

  • Autocomplete: Autocomplete helps to get auto-complete functionally in the flutter app. Autocomplete feature was needed for years, but now it’s included in the new flutter update.
  • Scaffold Messenger: It helps in between transitions of the scaffold to create a “SnackBar.”

Multiple Flutter instances with add-to-App

This feature enables Flutter to add an existing application to this feature. This feature is very needed as it saves native-code base and helps developers use code to other apps.


This new tool will turn on new devices like Visual Studio Code, IntelliJ, and Android Studio. It helps developers in debugging for exceptions and errors.

FlutterDevTool will help developers to find and identify images that have higher resolution.


Flutter 2.0 comes with a great new feature that will make it easier to develop apps for developers. The new web development feature added in Flutter will make the business grow more because it will all do in one app. No more user power is needed. The new support extended to the desktop will improve the functionality for developers.

Suppose you are looking to hire flutter app developers for your next blockbuster project. In that case, you can contact a great web development company. A great web development company is everything for all-rounder support, top quality app, and full before, during, and after support. Today, quality is everything in app development, so finding better Mobile app development services is excellent to start.




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Latitude Technolabs

Latitude Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. is a leading service provider with extensive experience in providing IT outsourcing services to enterprises across the globe.

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