Hire Mobile App Developer — Does Your Mobile App Run Slow? Know the Reason with the desired Solution:

For every app developer, it’s crucial to offer high-grade service to the end-user. With unique and handy features, you often have to focus on your application speed as well in your mobile app development. Do you expect that your user will stick to your application even after its late response?

No, he or she will immediately leave your app or even uninstall it. The ideal loading time is 2 seconds for any mobile app. As per the Akamai research study, the conversion rate is declined by 7% for every additional second that the app consumes.

In taking into account the same here will discuss some of the issues along with their solutions. So if you are a mobile app developer then this blog will be your salutary destination.

What are the major issues?

  • Inactive server speed
  • The app is less supportive or not supportive
  • Gossiping conversation
  • Overstuffing of data in the application
  • Network latency
  • Encrypted connections are not properly optimized
  • Unusable full library and Software development kit

Now we will discuss them separately along with solutions:

  1. Inactive server speed:

The server speed plays an important role in the website or the app speed. This is one of the most common reasons why some websites or apps are not running at the desired speed. The main reason is the overloaded server.

There are mainly two reasons behind the slow backend infrastructure.

  • The multi-tiered infrastructure on which most of the modern-day application runs can slow down the server.
  • The problem is accessing the files from the disk, communicating instantly with users or running the application code.

2 App is less supportive or not supportive:

App developers know the value of updating the app at regular intervals. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an android app or iOS app, updates are required everywhere. In case if your application is not based on the latest version it causes slow speed. Also, support from the vendor is not given. So when it is about android app development or iOS app development, updates are always important.

The easy solution to this problem is to keep your application at the latest version. Keep yourself updated with the latest version and make your application highly compatible with the same. This will boost the performance and the speed of the app.

3) Gossiping Conversion:

This kind of issue occurs when the client makes many requests to conduct the transaction. This is done on the behalf of individual operations within the app.

The main solution to this problem is to look into the number of requests between systems. You can also check out delays between the requests.

4 ) Overstuffing of data in the application:

In technical language, it is obvious that every machine when overloaded impacts its speed. The same is the case with mobile applications. If you curtail your data, it will impact the speed. However, you must not compromise with the features too. When too many servers are loaded, it slows down the speed of the application.

Data compression is the best way to deal with such an idea. It will compress everything including text, images, videos or audio content. This will free up the space and ultimately give faster loading. Moreover, you must be aware of the compression method. There are two methods such as.

  • Lossy compression: Here you will remove the data from the application. The main use of this method is for audio, video and other graphics.
  • Lossless compression: In such a method, there is no loss of data and the user could get back to the original size of the file. The main use of this method is for text or other documents.

5) Network Latency:

The network speed affects the mobile application speed as well. The slow network will give rise to the slow speed of the app. The overall process is like, the app makes a query to the non-existent primary DNS server and after that try for the second DNS server if there is no reply. This slows the app speed. The simple solution to this problem is to check the network speed.

6 ) Encrypted connection is not properly optimized:

The encryption of SSL/TLS connections is one of the prime factors in app development. It plays a significant role in mobile app security. On one hand, where it could be beneficial, it could be a big curse if not properly optimized.

Some of the reasons for decreasing performance are as follows.

  • Issue during encryption on the server side and decryption on the client-side.
  • Each time you open a new connection there is a need for a handshake. This ultimately affects the speed.

Now you might be curious to know how to optimize the encryption. The simple solution to this is incorporating HTTP/2 and SPDY that reduces the connection overhead with the client. This is because there is a requirement of only one single handshake for each session. The other techniques are Session Tickets, OpenSSL and session caching.

7) Unusable full library and Software development kit:

Libraries and Software Development Kit (SDK) are good for app development. However, if these are out of control for the developers then it may cause issues.

Some of the issues associated with the third party are as follows.

  • Security issues: The third party library may increase the security concern. It’s because for hackers some open source libraries are the main targets.
  • Lack of support: In some platforms like Android new versions keep coming out in the market. There is always a requirement of ongoing maintenance to ensure compatibility with the latest SDK version.
  • Overuse: The use of libraries beyond their uses also bloats the application by increasing the memory consumption and its size. Even it can reach the 64K methods limit in the case of Android.

The main solution to these problems is that you should use stable, secure and reliable libraries that have a large community.

Final words:

Applications are now a part of every business to gain the target audience. However, the only way to keep your audience engaged is to keep your application working properly. There are so many issues associated with application speed. The main concept is app developers should track those issues and take the appropriate steps to resolve them. You can also connect with the reputed mobile app development company to take guidance.

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