iOS 15: New Features!!!Everything You Need to Know

In June 2021, Apple pushed a new version for the iOS operating system iOS15. iOS15 got new amazing features. Facetime calls now include new capabilities and a new notification experience. It has new privacy features, a revamped Safari, new tools to limit distractions, Weather, Maps, and more.

Let’s see what’s better in iOS15

iOS 15: New Features! Everything You Need to Know


In iOS 15, notifications are completely redesigned to include contact photographs for people and larger app icons. A notification summary collects notifications in one place for distribution conveniently and organizes them by importance to reduce distraction.

Focus is a new feature that allows users to limit notifications and apps based on what they want to concentrate on at any given time. When a user’s Focus is set to block incoming alerts, their status in Messages will be visible to others. For several occasions, iOS will Suggest a Focus like work hours or using on-device intelligence. But here, you can create a custom focus. When it’s set, it applies to other app devices.

In cities, the Maps app now offers a new 3D view with much-improved information. There’s a new city-driving experience with better Transit services and added road data. It offers features such as AR waling Directions and pinned favorite liens.

Safari is now in a completely new design. Controls are now easier to access with one hand, allowing users to focus more on a web page’s content. Users may now effortlessly slide between tabs thanks to a new, condensed tab bar that hovers at the bottom of the screen. For the first time, there is also a customized start page and web extensions.

iOS 15 has a new feature, voice isolation and spatial Audio in facetime calls. FaceTime now supports Portrait mode, as well as a new grid view that allows you to see more faces at once. SharePlay is a new feature that allows users to share media in real time during a FaceTime conversation.

The newly designed weather gets more features in iOS15. The new weather app shows more weather data in graphical displays, full-screen maps, and dynamic layouts. The dynamic layouts change according to the weather conditions.

In iOS 15, the Wallet app adds support for new key types like homes, offices, and hotel rooms. After this year, US customers will be able to add driver’s licenses.

The photo app now has a new update in Memories with a new design and good interface. Memories now have an Apple Music connection, which uses on-device intelligence to suggest songs for tailored Memories.

Live Text is a new feature that recognizes Text in a photo and allows users to search for, highlight, and copy it using on-device intelligence. Spotlight now can search for photos based on location, people, scenes, objects, and Text.

There are new privacy measures like Siri requests that are handled directly on the iPhone. Mail Privacy Protection prevents senders from identifying a recipient’s IP address and knowing if an email has been opened. View the App Privacy Report to see how often apps use the rights you’ve given them.

iOS 15 is compatible with iPhone 6s and later versions. That means iOS 15 will run on all devices that are supported with iOS14.

Redesigned Notifications

Notifications have been entirely overhauled in iOS 15. People’s contact photographs will appear in notifications, and app icons will be larger to make them simpler to identify.

There is a new personalized summary of notifications. It collects non-important notifications and delivers them at the appropriate time. Notification is arranged by priority using the device’s intelligence. It tracks user interactions with apps, so it delivers only priority notifications on the top.

Urgent messages and notifications that are time-sensitive will still be delivered right away. You can now mute the app’s notification for a short amount of time.


FaceTime now has Spatial Audio in iOS 15, making sounds in video calls sound as if they are coming from where the person is on the screen. There are also new microphone modes that can segregate a user’s voice from background noise or introduce background noise in the Wide Spectrum mode.

FaceTime has a feature of Portrait mode for video calls. A new grid view for group FaceTime calls is also available.


Spotlight can now search for images using intelligence to find them by location, people or objects, and the new live text function. It also supports web image searches.

The spotlight may also be accessed from the lock screen, allowing installing apps for the app store without leaving the spotlight.


Focus is a new feature in iOS 15 that helps users focus and avoid distractions. A Focus can be used to filter notifications and Home Screen pages based on what the user wants to focus on at any one time. When a user’s Focus is now blocking incoming alerts, their status in Messages is instantly updated.

iOS will offer Focuses to users based on inbuilt device intelligence, identifying which individuals and apps should be notified at specific times. When a person sets a Focus, it is synchronized across all of their Apple devices.


SharePlay is a new feature that allows users to share great experiences for users during FaceTime calls. It can be like apple music songs, Tv shows, or movies. Medial will play in sync for all participants with shared playback.

Disney+, ESPN+, HBO Max, Hulu, MasterClass, Paramount+, Pluto TV, TikTok, Twitch, and other third-party apps have pledged to integrate SharePlay.

FaceTime Links

Users can now send a link to a Facetime call using Messages, calendar, Mail, or other third-party apps.

Users can open FaceTime connections on apple devices. Still, it’s also available on web browsers, Android, and Windows OS for the first time. FaceTime has end-to-end encryption.


It has a good update to memories. It comes with a new design and integration with Apple music. It has an interactive interface and memory look.

Memories will suggest songs based on your listening history on Apple Music. It will sync with movies and photographs to provide a more personalized experience.

12 Memory styles add mood to photos and videos by evaluating each one and applying the appropriate contrast and color correction for a consistent look.

Individual recognition has improved, and naming problems in the People album are now easily corrected. To tell photos that you would like to see less of a given data, place, holiday, or person across featured photos, the photos widget, memories, and highlighted in the library tab, you can use the feature less option.

You may now select photographs in a certain order for sharing in the photos image picker, which is also available in the Messages app.


Maps got an interactive globe view with a 3D view for cities, A 3D city driving experience, commercial districts, elevation, Neighborhoods, and buildings. Roads color custom-designed landmarks and moonlit nighttime mode are new features.

The road details are new such as turn lanes, medians, bike lanes, and pedestrian crosswalks. It works on iPhone and Apple CarPlay.

Travelers can now find local stations more easily and pin their favorite lines thanks to a makeover of transit navigation. A new AR-based walking instruction view is now available.


In iOS 15, the Wallet app now accepts more sorts of keys, including key cards for the home, business, corporate, or hotel accommodation. The Wallet app also adds support for automobile keys, allowing you to open, lock, and start your car without taking your iPhone out of your pocket utilizing Ultra-Wideband.

Ultra-Wideband also provides exact spatial awareness, which means iOS will prevent you from locking your car while it is inside or starting it while it is outside.

Remote keyless entry controls are now available in Wallet, allowing you to lock or unlock your car, honk your horn, preheat your car, or open your trunk.

Customers in participating states in the United States will use the Wallet app to upload their driver’s licenses or state IDs.

Expired boarding passes and event tickets will now be automatically archived in the Wallet app. Instead of needing to add one pass at a time manually, Safari now allows you to add multiple passes to Wallet in one step.


Safari got a new design. Now, controls are put to the bottom of the screen, so they are easy to reach. There is a floating tab bar at the bottom of the screen so users can swipe tabs easily. There’s also a clever search box.

Now, users can pull down the web page to refresh it, and a voice search is also included. Safari got a decent customizable start page. It also got mobile extensions for the first time.

There is a new safari privacy protection with intelligent tracking prevention. It protects you from being tracked.


Now the messages appear in a new section, “Shared with you.” In photos, Safari, Apple News, Apple Music, Apple podcast, you will see “shared with you.” Users can now pin the content that is shared with them.

The group of photos in messages will now appear in a different view. The messages also got some improvements in unwanted SMS filtering.


The weather app was redesigned with graphical displays, a full-screen map, and a dynamic layout. It has animated backgrounds so that the sun will be in a real position with precipitation conditions. There are notifications of Rain and Snow.


The health app has a new sharing tab that allows sharing data with families. It got the new enhanced lag result with descriptions, “option to pin,” and highlights. The health app can now give attention to users for changes in their health metrics.

The covid-19 vaccination and test results can be stored on the health app via a QR code.

Find My

Find My app now has new features to find lost devices if the device is turned off or erase data using Find My Network. If you choose a friend or a family member to share their location, you can now see the live stream of their location.

AirPods Pro and Max now support Find My network.


In Notes, there is a new feature that sorts used created tags. It also categorizes notes in new ways. There are new folders that collect notes based on tags. You can mention other users to notify them of updates.


Now, in iOS15, Siri requests will be processed on the device via Neural Engine. It increases security, boosts responsiveness, and will not require the internet.

The speech engine improves from time to time as you use your device. Siri can learn about your daily habits and how you interact. It studies what you type, what you read so it can provide a better response.

Siri can now send a screenshot or share on screen elements like images, web pages, content from Apple Music or Apple Podcasts, Apple News stories, Maps locations, and more in a Message. In addition, Siri can now send a message or make a call based on onscreen context.

Siri’s capacity to maintain context between requests has increased, allowing you to refer back to what you asked previously in the dialogue. You may also tell Siri to control a HomeKit device at a certain time or under certain circumstances, such as when you leave the house. Siri can tell notifications like reminders on AirPods and Apple CarPlay.

Siri’s neural text-to-speech voice now supports more languages in iOS 15, including Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, and Finnish. Siri also supports Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil, Bengali, Gujarati, Malayalam, Punjabi, and Mixed English, Indic, and a mix of Indian English and a native tongue.

Other Great Features


  • The TV app now has a new “For All of You” row that recommends a collection of episodes and movies depending on the interests of a group of people or a whole household.
  • All of the episodes and movies that friends and family have shared in Messages are now highlighted in the TV app.
  • The TV app integrates with Messages and FaceTime to watch the video in real-time with friends and family via SharePlay.


  • Panorama mode on the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro has been updated to reduce image noise and banding while capturing moving things.


  • Listeners can now listen to music with Dolby Atmos and Apple’s dynamic head tracking with AirPods Pro and AirPods Max for a more immersive experience.


  • With a new multiplayer friend selection, users’ most recent Messages buddies and groups are incorporated into Game Centre-enabled games.
  • Incoming requests are now visible in the Game Centre buddy request inbox.
  • A suggested Focus for gaming allows players to stay immersed in their games by blocking out extraneous notifications.


  • Nine new Memoji stickers are included in iOS 15, allowing you to convey a shaka, a hand wave, a lighting moment, and more.
  • There are almost 40 additional outfit options, including headwear, with up to three color combinations.
  • There are three new styles of glasses available, including heart, star, and vintage shapes.


  • The use of faster 5G improves more app and system experiences.
  • Support for backing up to iCloud and restoring from an iCloud backup and music and video streaming on Apple and third-party apps.
  • Download higher-quality Apple TV+ programs, iCloud Pictures photos, Apple News+ stories for offline viewing, and machine learning models.

Apple ID

  • Users can now choose one or more trusted individuals as Account Recovery Contacts, who will assist them in resetting their password and regaining access to their account.
  • Individuals can be designated as Legacy Contacts in the new Digital Legacy program, allowing them to access your account and personal information in the case of your death.

iOS 15 Supported Devices

All iPhones running iOS 13 and iOS 14 are compatible with iOS 15, even older models like the iPhone SE and iPhone 6s.

iOS15 Release Date

Apple plans to release iOS 15 in the fall of this year, most likely between September and November.


iOS 15 is coming at the end of this year with great features. It will support most devices that are compatible with iOS 13 and iOS 14 also with older models. Some of the new improvements include, Notifications, Focus, Safari, Maps, Weather app, and other more apps are redesigned and arriving with new features. There are two Beta versions, one for public testing and one for developers.

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