Pros and Cons of Laravel PHP Framework 2021

Pros and Cons of Laravel PHP Framework 2021- Latitude Technolabs

Larval frameworks that almost all web developers are familiar with and it should be. It’s one of the most well-known PHP architectures that support the MVC application (Model view controller). Larval is one of the most well-known frameworks available today. PHP server-side programming language allows developers to concentrate on the basics, with simple scaling choice and fast web development using manageable code.

But all developers know that not all frameworks are perfect; every framework comes with pros and cons. In this article, you will know the above larval pros and cons with detailed information. Before we start into the pros and cons, let’s know about Laravel.

What Is The Laravel Framework?

Larval is a PHP framework built on the MVC (model view controller) concept. It is an open-source, modular, intuitive, and easy-to-manage architecture for integrated multifunctional software and business systems.

The larval platform is jam-packed with developer-friendly features that enable experts to concentrate on the fundamentals rather than write code from scratch. If you are new to Laravel and don’t want to spend time developing, you can hire Laravel developer.

Laravel programming is familiar with developers worldwide because of its ease of use and lightweight.

  • About more than 250,000 sites are built using Laravel

Now, let us see the pros and cons of the Laravel PHP framework


  1. Using The Most Recent PHP Functionality

One of the most appealing qualities of Laravel for developers is that it has all of the most recent PHP features. If you are thinking of giving Laravel a shot, remember that you will be able to take advantage of some of PHP’s best features.

Namespaces, overloading, anonymous functions, shorter array syntax, and interfaces are some features. Because of these great features, Laravel is the best PHP framework.

2. The Access Control Feature Is Built-In

You have power over user authentication and role-based access control with Laravel. Many of the requisite features come pre-installed. As a result, user authentication logic and access management have become more complex and reliable.

Laravel has an authentication method that combines all required steps, such as login, registration, and password reset, into a single order and also best to secure Laravel app.

Some of the benefits are

  • Requests for data access are processed quickly
  • The right to refuse demands that are not authorized
  • Regulation of security control

3. Excellent Documentation

All versions of the framework come with their own set of documentation, including detailed and easy-to-understand descriptions of the framework’s classes, methods, and code styles. The framework’s developer-friendliness is due to its extensive documentation.

4. Helps In The Support Of Well-Known Cache Backends

The platform completely supports cache backends like Redis and Memcached, allowing you to build and set up various cache setups.

5. A Shorter Development Time

For most developers, this one can be a huge selling point. Since the entire implementation time can be significantly reduced, if you get confused, a sizable larval user group is out there to help you. So, before even worrying about contacting support, the odds of finding all the answers to your questions are pretty high.

Shortening the development period will save time and resources for teams and allow developers to be more efficient, which can be a financially profitable path.

6. Laravel’s Devoted Tool, Artisan

Laravel has its built-in command-line interface. Developers may use Artisan to create skeletal code. It also manages the database system, Removing the need for developers to perform repetitive programming activities. Artisan is also a fantastic method for creating and managing essential MVC files with their associate settings.

7. MVC Architecture

Laravel’s MVC architecture makes it the perfect PHP platform for web development. It outperforms other PHP environments in terms of functionality, documentation, and number of built-in features.

8. Reverse Routing

It is also a convenient feature. It allows you to interconnect the named router within the structure. Enter the name of the specified router when generating links, and the system will automatically enter the necessary URL. Also, you should be aware that if you find yourself altering routes, the modifications will be performed automatically everywhere.

9. Management Of Queues

To reduce user response time, remove tasks that are no longer relevant or essential and place them in a queue.

10. Connects To Mail Services Easily

The ability to integrate emails is not only beneficial but also necessary. You will use mandrill, amazon SES, Sendmail, and other drivers with Larval. Email can be sent using both cloud-based and local networks.

Some benefits are:

  • Users are notified by email
  • Using traditional networks (like slack and SMS) to send emails or messages
  • Email notification services are seamlessly integrated

11. There Are Lots Of Packages And Resources To Choose

If you prefer to combine larval with Elixir or Gulp, you may utilize the npm and bower packages. It is excellent throughout the asset and resource modification process. Dependency concerns will be resolved by integrating them with the composer.

12. Eloquent ORM

You may have a seamless Active Record implementation to deal with the database using eloquent ORM. This Laravel feature allows you to design models that correlate to a database table, to put it another way. Built relationships are stored in the ORM, which means that if you modify the table, the associate data will update.

The following relationships can be used:

  • one-to-one
  • one-to-many
  • many-to-many
  • has-, many-, through-
  • polymorphic relationships
  • many-to-may polymorphic relationships

13. Database Migration Is Easy And Straightforward

The migration system in Laravel allows you to increase your databases with little chance of losing data. PHP is used to migrate data, which makes it easier for developers to execute their jobs.

Some benefits are:

  • Database migration feature built-in
  • Database synchronization is accelerated and painless


  1. Insufficient built-in support

Due to its lightweight nature, larval offers minimal inherent support compared to competing frameworks such as Ruby on Rails and Django. However, with third-party solutions, you may quickly remedy this problem and get back on track.

2. Certain Upgrades Are Troublesome

PHP platforms, in general, have a few challenges with long-term support, and Laravel has received some criticism as a result. That’s true that updates might create a minor issue, but the proper care developers can make the process go more smoothly.

3. At First Look, It Seems Complicated

There are a few things that might be improved. To begin, development necessitates extensive documentation, implying that you must have some prior expertise in order to begin developing an application. However, these first states may be simply due to Laravel’s committed support and the extensive online developer community.

Final Words

In general, there is no such thing as a flawless framework or piece of software. Everyone would be using it if there was an ideal one. Laravel is definitely the most popular PHP framework, allowing developers to create functional and user-friendly online applications. In the final line, the framework also depends on the developer’s experience and usage style. If you are a new one or a business that wants to build a website, you can Hire Laravel Developer from Latitude Technolabs. We have an experienced and quality-oriented developers team ready to get your dream into reality.

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