The Top TEN WordPress Security Threats and Their Solutions

The Top TEN WordPress Security Threats and Their Solutions

Wordpress is currently top used CMS (Content management software) In the world. Top business uses the wordpress for their website management. Not only top business but from startup to corporate all uses Wordpress. But the more it is popular, the more risk it gets to be hacked. Currently, in the world, there are more than 90,000 attacks are done per minute and increasing.

You may think that you use other software for website management, but you have to forcefully use it because Wordpress is most comfortable and used mainly by Wordpress developer. You can hire Wordpress developer for your designing, Wordpress website maintenance, web management and professional Wordpress services. Wordpress developer will help you to secure a wordpress website.

So, now let’s focus on wordpress security threats and their solutions.

Here is the list of Wordpress Security Threats

  1. Malware

Malware is found everywhere, especially in pirated software. In Wordpress, malware can also find in the form of plugins or themes. That’s not the end. Malware can be found anywhere in your Wordpress site without knowing you, and they can multiply at infinite numbers. You can hire Wordpress developer for immediate support.

Malware can enter the Wordpress site by unauthorized logins, pirated themes and plugins. Once they enter the wordpress server, they start to damage your files, slow down your server, and slow down your Wordpress site. how to Maintain Your WordPress Site ??


  • Never use old, pirated or moded plugins.

2. SQL injections

SQL is used to access stored data quickly on a site. For wordpress data management, SQL preferred. But there are security loopholes. Some parties use it for breaking into the site and misusing its capability.

Hacker takes advantage of that loophole and breaks into the website database. Hackers can view and edit the database, and that’s most dangerous. Hackers can use SQL capability to make new accounts. Also, they add malicious content to the database, and they leak the secret data.

It all starts with submission forms, contact forms and payment info fields. Hackers submit their code via forms to break into the website.


  • Restrict submission of special characters in the visitor forms

3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Spam

These spams are similar to SQL injections. Here what happens is, hackers take your top-ranking pages as a victim, and they add spammy keywords and pop-up ads on your website. They can use your website for selling their products.


It happens when a Wordpress developer uses pirated or outdated themes and plugins. You can hire Wordpress developer for any support. These hacks are hard to detect because hackers wait to make any changes to your wordpress sites, so they can’t take immediate actions against them.


  • Define user roles from time to time.

4. Unauthorized Logins

Typically, it was done by a brute-force attack. A bot does it. Attackers use the bot to match billions of user-name password combinations. If the combinations match, they can get easy access to private and protected user information.

Unauthorized logins
Unauthorized logins

It all can start from the default backend login page. It is easy to find the default login page for any wordpress site. Anyone can take advantage of it. So, it’s better to customize the default login page so attackers can not put brute-force on it.


  • Always use a strong password that is very difficult to guess and discover.

5. Undefined User Roles

On the wordpress site, there are different type of user roles like subscriber, admin, etc. All user roles have a different kind of permissions that allows taking actions on wordpress site. With admin permission, you can change plugins, themes and create a post.

The main problem is, if you don’t set anything in default settings, then every user is the admin on their wordpress site. If a hacker gets access like this, then it can cause anything from damage to stealing information.

A mistake in defining user roles can increase the risk of brute-force attacks being successful. It can lead to hackers taking control of your wordpress site.


  • Continually monitor all permission for all users

6. Old or outdated themes and plugins

To save the cost of website development, the developer takes themes and plugins from a pirated site and downloads them. The developer put a massive risk by using free and pirated plugins and themes on the wordpress site. To give a website a premium look, putting pirate themes lead to hacking of the wordpress site.

Also, using outdated plugins and themes leads to poor security of the entire wordpress site.


  • Continually update themes and plugins because theme and plugin developers always release an update to increase the functionality and security.

7. Outdated Core Software

It is always good to develop a website using a platform than building a website from scratch. It can provide a great User experience and overall security. WordPress release updates every three months, so it is always an excellent task to update the wordpress software.


  • Always install wordpress updates

8. Phishing

The name phishing is taken from fishing. In phishing, hackers send out lots of links hoping that at least one person clicks on the link and person information to be compromised. These phishing links can look like genuine content from a company, but it can be a phishing attack.

Hackers send out spammy links to users, and if one user clicks on the link, then information stolen easily. At almost all-time, phishing links looks genuine, and the user clicks on them.


  • Update software regularly

9. Cross-site scripting

XSS (cross-site scripting) is the method to put malicious code in the backend of the selected website. Here hackers will try to put code in your files. XSS focuses on webpage functions. Once they access the web page’s front end, they can start posting fake contacts or other content that used to steal user information.

Again, the main problem is outdated themes and plugins. Attackers find their route to the website if there is an outdated plugin or theme. Outdated themes and plugins always have low security than a new updated one.


  • Always keep your wordpress core files, plugins and themes updated.

10. DOS attacks

IT is used to block admins and users to access a website. It is done by sending too much traffic to the website, so the website crashes, and the user can’t access it. So, the website is down and the reputation of the famous website damages.

DOS attacks
DOS attacks

In these attacks, multiple machines are used to attack a targeted website. You can hire a wordpress developer to protect your website from DOS attacks and other professional wordpress services.


  • Always use the best web host provider. A good web host has high-security standards.


About 90k attacks are happening per minute on wordpress sites. Hackers always attack a website that uses outdated security, outdated plugins and themes. To protect your wordpress site, you have to focus on the all security topics listed above. You can hire wordpress developer for professional wordpress services and security related estimation.

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