TOP Examples of React Native Apps in 2021

Top Example of React Native App in 2021

React native is a powerful tool for app developers to build an application across different platforms. The main reason behind its popularity is the code reusability feature that saves time and efforts of a developer. This gains the attention of many professionals and compels them to adopt it.

React Native was developed by Facebook as an open-source mobile application framework. The main use of RN is to develop Android applications, iOS, macOS, Web and UWP. With this, a developer can easily combine the native code with React that makes it perfect to update the current application.

Today most companies including big enterprises use RN to enhance productivity and quality. Big enterprises like Walmart, Tesla and Discord are some of the great examples to justify it. So it will be fair to say React Native gained success in grabbing the position in the globally well-known companies. Here we will cover the same and introduce you to the top examples of React Native apps in 2021.

Top Ten React Native Examples


Skype is a famous communication platform for professionals used in companies. It is owned by Microsoft and it has its own C#-Xamarin based development framework. In 2017, it adopted a new app written in react native. It’s a great react native example that adopts RN and brings the improvements. Before that, the application faced many issues.

This new version comes with everything great including icons and another layout. Additionally, new features were also added to it. Besides making a great React application, they also built a dedicated set of developer tools called ReactXP.



Pinterest is another platform that acquires a place in React Native apps list. The image-sharing service is another popular social media platform. The integration of React Native began in 2017. At the initial stage, the experiment was done by prototyping a small scope surface of the Topic Picker feature on iOS and Android platforms. The React UI components set called Gestalt conforms to the interest design language.


Earlier Instagram used WebView to develop the Post Promote. But due to its UX, the WebView engine looked like an alien. With the help of React Native, the general presentation of the Post Promote gets fast and more predictable.

Instagram took the challenge to put React Native into the existing native app. This will start from the simplest view. With the integration of React Native, it was easy for the team to deliver the application much faster.


Uber Eats
Uber Eats

Uber launched its food delivery application Uber eats to capture the food delivery market. It involves restaurants, delivery partners and eaters. There is a high requirement for an extra dashboard for the restaurants.

Later on, the developer team rebuilt the dashboard with RN. There is only a small part of the technology stack in the framework. However, the developers were expecting a positive outcome and they met the same with the React Native concept.



Facebook app is another popular React Native app example. This mobile version comes with various features like news feed, likes, friends request and notifications. Developers used React Native in Facebook for performance improvement. The creation of a framework offers a significant refinement. Facebook used React Native widely for its product.


ChaperHome was developed by the Netguru team which is a safety application. The main purpose of this application is to provide a safe route. A person could connect with the protector who will be notified if the user feels unsafe. Also, the destination time could be set.

Using ReactNative, the app touches on the success due to the positive feedback from the customers. Many interesting features were integrated.


One of the largest Indian eCommerce platforms was launched to sell books earlier. Later on, it goes ahead with other categories like electronics, clothes and lifestyle products. As the product’s range expansion took place, the need for seamless customer service also hiked. This compels the company to adopt its own application.

In 2016, Flipkart launched its Android application using React Native. For iOS, the same code was used. The react native was proved to be a great option for quicker updates. The final result was quite fruitful for the company to gain the milestone.


Tesla is a well-known electric car manufacturing company. Using Facebook’s trending framework, it developed its application for the powerwall battery owner and electric car. The main purpose of this application was to partially control the vehicle using a smartphone.

Luckily, the app got positive feedback in the market and gained a good level position.

One of interesting things in this application is availability of the same features in both platforms. Whether you have an iOS application or Android one, you can control the Tesla items such as horn, lights, locks or the panoramic roof.


Walmart is one of the leading online retailers and to fight the competition, the company needs to take bold steps. At the same time, it integrates React Native in its application. With the use of fewer resources, the performance of the application on both Android and iOS. React Native brings a great performance with smooth animations.


A real time application for travel business is also not behind in adopting react Native. Its live interpreter is available for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and that too anywhere in the world.

Initially, the application was made available only on iOS. However, the further availability was made for other platforms. The react native was proved to be an effective solution. As a result, the development got speedup and the high grade application was built.


React Native is a good alternative for native app development. Due to its advantages, it is gaining popularity day by day. For now, we could expect that it will be on mass adoption among the developers. Get connected with Latitude Technolabs to hire React Native developers to gain a great project.

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