Which Is Best for Cross-Platform App Development: Kotlin Vs. Flutter

Which Is Best for Cross-Platform App Development: Kotlin Vs. Flutter — Latitude Technolabs

Well, experts and beginners are both confused between Kotlin and Flutter. Both kotlin and Flutter provide cross-platform app development, but the crucial point is which one to choose? You are at the right place to get the perfect answer.

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From every passing year, the cross platform app development market is multiplying, especially for startups. You will know why it’s the best choice for startup in this article later.

Let’s make it clean and straightforward; Cross-platform app development means developers have to write code only once and use the same code for other platforms without writing another code. So, it can save time and cost both. Sounds easy, right? Every app development company can benefit from this during the startup stage and earn high revenue with small teams.

So, now, let’s take a deep dive between the fight of Flutter and Kotlin, which one to choose for your cross-platform app development

What Is Flutter?

What is Flutter — Latitude Technolabs
What is Flutter — Latitude Technolabs

Flutter is an open-source SDK that allows you to create native-looking web, mobile, and desktop apps with just one code. Flutter’s dominance in the cross-platform app development market is due to Google’s insights into the industry’s technology and market issues.

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Flutter’s UI quickly established itself as a viable solution to the issues, and major companies including Square, Groupon, eBay, The New York Times, and Alibaba Group began using the platform to build their apps. Flutter also has a good level of protection like websites.

What Is Kotlin?

JetBrains is the company that created Kotlin. Only second to Java, Kotlin is quickly becoming one of the most widely used languages. It is one of the most trustworthy languages and platforms available. Google also supports the platform and is often considered the most preferred language for android app development.

Kotlin is now used in over 82,000 apps, according to AppBrains. It has a 9.93 percent app market share and a 22.36 percent download market share. Some of the most popular programs that employ Kotlin include Microsoft Word, Huawei Video Player, and Samsung Experience Service.

Kotlin Vs. Flutter: Performance

Flutter’s users benefit from excellent hot reloading capability. High-quality reloading capabilities make it easier to make changes on the backend while also seeing how the changes affect the front end. Flutter makes it simple to decide whether or not different pieces look good while you are on the fly.

The benefit of adopting the Kotlin language for cross-platform app development is that it compiles code in the same format as the platform you are using. It enables for more personalized and improved performance.

Kotlin Vs. Flutter: Programming Language

We all know that Flutter is one of the best cross platform app development frameworks for Dart Language. Dart was founded by Google. Dart syntax is simple to grasp and learn, despite its rarity. Especially for those who are already familiar with JavaScript.

Kotlin is a programming language that looks and feels a lot like Java. Kotlin was designed to work with Java. For those who are familiar with Java, it is simple to understand.

Kotlin Vs. Flutter: UI Experience

Developers may use a range of widgets given by the platform to assist them in creating Flutter apps. It contributes to the development of tailored and efficient mobility solutions.

Kotlin multiplatform, on the other hand, does not have any predefined steps to follow. Instead, it allows the UI developer the freedom to build an app with no limitations. It provides for a more personalized user interface.

Kotlin Vs. Flutter: Testing Support And Price

Kotlin and Flutter are both open sources, so there is no competition in the price segment. But in testing support, both have differences.

Flutter offers a wide range of testing options, including a unique widget testing option, and Kotlin mainly focuses on backed development services. Firebase is used to provide secure backend choices.

Now, we have seen the significant difference between Kotlin and Flutter. According to expert opinions, both are great, but when to use each one is the question. So, you will get your answer here.

Why Choose Kotlin?

  • Kotlin is a programming language, not a framework. Instead, it’s a software development kit (SDK). It implies that you don’t have to migrate your entire program to the platform
  • Because Kotlin is so close to Java, Swift, and Scala, it’s straightforward to pick up the language and create a cross-platform program with it
  • Because Kotlin multi platform allows companies to work on the app’s behavior, design, and performance as they see fit, it will enable them to work on the app’s behavior, design, and performance as they see fit

Why Not Choose Kotlin?

  • Using the platform to create mobile apps is relatively costly because of semi-native functions
  • It just comes with a few basic libraries to work with
  • To work with Kotlin more effectively, app developers must be familiar with each platform and API

Why Choose Flutter?

  • Flutter’s hot reload feature is one of the critical reasons why significant companies choose it. This functionality assists developers in simplifying front-end and backend development to make better judgments about various aspects of the program
  • It is free to use, offers native-like apps using a single codebase, it saves cost and time
  • Flutter allows developers to experiment and provide clients with bespoke solutions
  • Flutter allows creating of an app for both iOS and Android in a short amount of time at a low cost

Why Not Choose Flutter?

  • In comparison to some of the other companies in the sector, the framework is relatively large. Inadvertently, this results in larger app sizes
  • Dart, on the other hand, is a simple language to pick up. The reality is that it is not a language that most programmers are familiar with. As a result, there is a learning curve


Now, if you’ve read the entire content, you must have decided on your choice. Your project team’s experience and project size will determine which is suitable for you. If you are still confused or want some speedy development of your project, you can reach out to Latitude technolabs to hire a flutter app developer for your cross platform app development. We have a quality-oriented team of developers who are masters in app development. We have a dedicated team of developers that are experts in the field of app development.

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