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Why Flutter Is The Best Choice For Enterprise Development — Latitude Technolabs

One of the most repeated questions raised by developers is,

Is Flutter ready for enterprise app development?

After the beta, Flutter showed some promise and provided some best native features for mobile app development.

The mobile app development market is currently changing its shape to a powerful app development process experience. The major obstacle is between Android and iOS. Both operating system users are all across the world, so enterprises have to be mindful while targeting audiences.

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Flutter is a mighty king in enterprise app development solutions, it’s not my voice, but it’s the echo from all around the world who runs Flutter application development services. According to Google, more than 600,000 developers use it monthly.

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An Overall Look On Flutter

Flutter is an open-source UI software development kit that is frequently used to create cross-platform apps. With this single code base, developers can make various apps like chat apps to grocery apps. The difference between other frameworks and Flutter is, Flutter is written in Dart. Dart programming language was found by Google.

Why did Google Choose Dart?

Google has chosen Dart because of

  • High performance
  • Object Orientation
  • Faster allocation
  • Productivity

Requirements For Building Enterprise Apps

  1. Layered architecture
  2. Development environment
  3. User interface
  4. Hardware features
  5. App security
  6. Miscellaneous requirements
  7. Layered Architecture

When creating an enterprise app, ensure that it includes layered architectures that enable seamless functionality and increase productivity across a broad team of developers’ unique capabilities.

Developers must figure out how to provide the following services:

  • Access to well-documented design patterns is now easier
  • A large group of developers will work on the codebase at the same time
  • The vast array of app functionalities can be easily comprehended

Flutter excels in this area because it offers secure and straightforward networking to a web resource, local storage, SQLite databases, and hardware access via library plugins.

State Management

It is an essential part of Flutter’s app architecture, and google has recommended that you use the provider framework instead, which is simple to grasp and build on


RxDart seamlessly integrates with flutter and state management

Background Processing

It allows computationally expensive work to be done in the app while keeping the user interface responsive

Depending on how extensive your background processing needs it, you may need to use native platform features that go beyond a pure dart implementation

Dependency Injection

Mobile app developers can utilize dependency injection to make their app code units independent and reusable

It’s a pattern that makes easy to test codes

The library Get IT locator is very easy to use a library that works smoothly with the state management framework

JSON Serialization/Deserialization

Tts essential for any RESTful client, and it’s found in the majority of enterprise appellations

Deep Linking

It allows users to navigate to specific locations within the app from a website or a push notification

Local Storage

Flutter stores a limited amount of key/value data locally and subsequently helps your app work even when it is stopped or backgrounded


For more extensive structured data, SQLite is used

Push Notifications

Here, firebase messaging is the solution. Enterprise-level apps need backend integration to inform the user about due dates. Reminders and, more so, firebase messaging service is one of the best solutions

2. Development Environment

Flutter developers can use their android studio/IntelliJ or visual studio code as their development environment. On a Mac, PC, Linux or Chromebook, all of these are adequately supported. So, you only need to do is Hire flutter app developer.

Developers can use these IDEs for building, device deployment, debugging and performance profiling. However, XCode on a Mac is required to create a development environment/deployment for native iOS.


Because Flutter is based on the dart ecosystem, which imports dart packages to offer the functionality of other libraries, it’s simple to grow. In addition, flutter projects can be refactored into Flutter Dart packages, which provides another way to divide work among large teams and make scaling the app more accessible.


Every Flutter widget may be readily tested, whether using unit tests, widget tests, or integration tests. These testing technologies provide maximal test coverage and are only limited by the time and resources available.

Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery

Flutter deploys apps to the Google Play Store or the Apple Store using the excellent Android and iOS toolkit, making them available with any current Enterprise mobile CI/CD system.

3. User Interface

The user interface of an app is crucial to the overall user experience. Therefore, the only goal of mobile enterprise apps is to provide a good user interface, so Flutter has a rich collection of highly authentic Android and iOS representations.


It’s simple to get started with animations, and they can be scaled up to any level of complexity. You can utilize Flare, a full-featured 2D vector animation toolkit, to make extensive use of Flutter.

App development businesses commonly use this technology for designing enterprise applications with a seamless interface.

Page transitions

They can serve as a great example of how to use motion to navigate between app pages.

Infinite Scrolling List View

When it comes to displaying a tremendous amount of data to users without using up much device memory, this is a typical demand.

Image Loading/Caching Library

It allows you to handle a large number of photos quickly and easily, including caching if the basic picture or SVG image isn’t good enough to utilize. As a result, Flutter app developers can easily handle pictures using libraries for loading and caching.

4. Hardware Feature

No program can function entirely without the support of hardware features, no matter how well you’ve customized it with a large number of features. Therefore, you will need hardware and software support:

  • Camera
  • Accelerometer
  • GPC
  • Biometric authentication, fingerprint and face ID
  • Microphone

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5. Mobile App Security

Whether it’s a basic workplace app or a high-level app, security is something that can’t be sacrificed by businesses. One of the main worries of organizations is the security of app data. As a result, there are several factors to keep in mind when developing enterprise applications. It is, without a doubt, a broad subject, but I will condense it into a few particular aspects to make it more accessible.

Because Flutter apps are produced in sandbox environments for Android and iOS, each Flutter app contains built-in security features for native iOS and Android apps.

Flutter’s Simple Auth takes care of the essential requirements, such as authentication (biometrics, thumbprints, and two-level passwords).

SSL certificate pinning is also crucial to think about because it decreases the risk of attacks on shared servers. In addition, it is supported and secures web (HTTPS) queries.

Secure storage allows you to safely store a small number of keys or valuable information on a device while also allowing your app to function even when there is no internet connection.

6. Miscellaneous Requirements

Apart from the criteria above, the following are some multi-requirements to keep in mind when creating enterprise apps:


To address this requirement, Flutter has Adobe or Firebase Analytics libraries.

Error Reporting

The Sentry library in Flutter can be used by developers.

Third-Party Or Open-Source Libraries

You can check this list of libraries before picking and using them in your app.

Generating QR Codes:

QR code scanning is vital for a variety of reasons, including increased app functionality and security.


Flutter is already famous for mobile app development. Still, with so many libraries available, it’s soon becoming a viable alternative for enterprises looking to create corporate apps in a short amount of time. So if you are from a business and want to make a flutter app, you can hire flutter app developer. We have an experienced developer team who creates corporate-level top-quality apps.

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