Why is choosing React Native for the project beneficial??

Why is choosing React Native for the project beneficial

It would be not wrong to say that the digital world has dominated every once in a lifetime. We now can’t think of a single day without our mobile handset. However, mobile alone is not our right-hand mobile applications are the main performer. Just a few taps on the screen and the process is done within a second.

Every day hundreds of mobile apps are deployed. By 2022, the total number of mobile app downloads will hike to 250 billion. This compels many businesses to fuse mobile apps in their business.

However, different users use different mobile phones and every device has a different OS. Android and iOS are two popular Operating Systems. Therefore, cross-platform app development is the only solution to gain maximum benefit.

Developers can develop a single app with a single codebase, compatible with both iOS and Android. In such a strategy, React Native is one of the most popular terms. Now companies are more prone to hire a react native developer to sate the market demand.

React Native — An Introduction

React Native is defined as an open-source JavaScript-based framework. It is used to develop native apps for various platforms like iOS and Android. JavaScript is a popular and stable programming language due to which React Native is a permutable architecture.

A React Language uses the same fundamental building blocks as regular Android and iOS apps. Developers need to put these blocks together using JavaScript as per Facebook’s React Native site.

Most businesses like to use React Native development services for their brand’s success. Some of the top React Native Applications:

  • Pinterest
  • Skype
  • Uber Eats
  • Walmart
  • Tesla
  • Discord
  • Bloomberg
  • Myntra
  • AirbnbArtsy

Are React and ReactJS the same?

Often people get into a perplexing situation and consider React and React.JS the same. However, it is not true. React Native is a framework, written with JavaScript and rendered with native code. On the other hand, ReactJS is a JavaScript library that builds a hierarchy of UI components, supporting both the front end and server-side.

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Reason to Hire a React Native Developer for your future project

Enormous Performance

According to the developer’s community, the performance of Native apps is superior to any other programming language. React-native acts like native applications and leverages graphics processing units that speed up the app.

Code reusability

Code Reusability is one of the biggest advantages of react native development. This concept cut down the extra efforts of developers. Using the single code, they can use the same code to implement the framework. This saves not only time but also cost.

Flexible Framework

React Native apps can be used and maintained across multiple platforms. Hence, they are flexible. For instance, if a single developer is working on the code, the other developer can join the work at any time and start from where the work was left. So the company has no extra burden to hire a react native developer.

Professionals can easily create test use cases. This is the reason; react developers can easily upgrade the mobile apps. Moreover, they can effortlessly move the entire platform to a different framework. This is done by exporting the app from React Native, and Xcode or Android Studio, and taking it from there.


React developers can access all the relevant documentation without investing a single penny. This is all because of the open-source framework nature of react-native. You can openly contribute to it at any time. Its forum discussion is another plus point that offers developers to guide fresh hand professionals.

They can also give feedback on the on-going project through the code review. Hence, you get a marvellous community and support here. This is why it is beneficial for the company to hire a react native developer.

Broad libraries

You can find out pre-developer UI components with React Native. It means codes are already written which are ready to implement. Furthermore, there are a lot of libraries to sate the whole app development process.

Some of the libraries like Jest, Enzyme, Chai and Mocha help in writing bug-free codes. To monitor the progress of the application you can use Expo. To find the potential errors through the Linting process, you can use the ESLint library.

Third-party supportable

React native fully supports third-party plugins for mobile app development due to its open-source framework. Developers can develop an app with various functions at ease by using a third-party library. With this, a developer can freely develop a complex mobile app without any hassles.

Better UI/UX

UI/UX matters a lot for the user, irrespective of the technologies used. The design and layout should be satisfactory for the user. Its JavaScript inheritance makes the framework ideal to offer the mobile app with great UI/UX.

Hot Reloading/Live
You can do a fast refresh of the code with Live reloading. It preserves the local state on the code on refresh. Hence, it offers the best experience to the developer.

Other than that, Hot reloading is another key feature of react-native. It is slightly different from Live reloading. The hot reloading only refreshes the file that has been changed or edited, whereas the Live reloads refresh the whole app.

React Native Development Benefit on Business

Apart from the user benefit, the React Native Development company offers benefits to the business too.


This is one of the crucial benefits of React Native on business. An entrepreneur does not need to lose their pocket much. It is because using the open-source framework React Native is low cost. Thanks to the reusability code feature in it.

Hiring React Native developers is easy

React Native uses the JavaScript library, a chart-topping and old programming language. Hence, finding an experienced software developer is pretty simple for any organization. So to hire a React Native developer is always beneficial for any organization.

Cross-platform app development

React Native allows developers to implement the code, compatible with all platforms. Hence, save a lot of time by eliminating the need for a different app for every single platform.


The performance of React Native mobile apps is faster than other apps. A highly functional application is favourable for any business.

The Final Touch

React Native framework is valuable for the developer and business holders as well. Currently, it is in high demand to develop an effective cross-platform mobile app. Its key features are highly beneficial for the professionals to implement the high-quality mobile app in less time and cost. Connect with us and hire react native developer Ahmedabad.

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